Misconceptions about UNITED KINGDOM - 

Are you still thinking UK is a country of racism?



 One of the most common misconceptions about UK is, 

“British discriminate people by their skin color.”



 There are several evidences that support this bias. Every year, more than 20,0000 racial discrimination events occur in UK. Here’s an example. In 2010, BBC made documentary about how severe UK racism is. An arabic people participated this tv program. They took secret video during their 8 weeks stay in UK, and they experienced more than 50 times racial discrimination. Sever lynches and insults this couple experienced were made to TV program and televised all over the world.

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 However, people who had ever experienced UK or British before have skeptical viewpoint about this TV program. Most of them said the program extremely exaggerated only the most crucial part of UK racism. They commonly said people they met at the country was kind and gentle, similar to the stereotype we got in UK. They explained only little part of thoughtless teenagers did such a work. Some even thinks England is one of the most racially equal countries in Europe.



 Like we see, two contrary viewpoints about UK racism coexists. Then, which one is actually correct? After many hours research about this question, I finally got an answer.


기사원문보기 : http://www.joinusworld.org/joinus/community/view/5159/

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조인어스코리아는 국내 최대 29개 ‘국경 없는 언어문화 지식교류활동가’(JOKOER)를 회원으로 하는 NGO로써,
지식을 통해 세계인과 교류하는 다국어&다문화 지식허브 커뮤니티를 운영하는 순수 비영리 민간외교 단체 입니다.


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