① What event happened in FEBRUARY?


Feb. 14th

[사진=구글 퍼블릭 이미지]


Most of the people think that Feb. 14th is valentine day.

For other countries, it is a happy day that showing their love to others. 

However in korea, Feb.14th is not just a happy day , it’s historically significant day. 


February 14th is the day

 one of the most greatest fighter for independence was sentence of death for assasinating the japanese governor.

His name is An Jung-geun.

He was born in HwangHaedo(north parth of the korea.), 1879.

He dedicated his whole life for korea.

for example, we run for edcation and small group of soldiers to fight with japan.

사진=구글 퍼블릭 이미지]

also he is famous for his finger.

in the picture, we can see his forth finger is different.


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