Optical illusion: Dress color debate goes global

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On Thursday, February 26th, 21-year-old Scottish singer Caitlin McNeil posed a simple question along with a photo of a dress on the social media website, Tumblr. It said, “Guys, please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?”

How about you guys? At first when I see this pic, I said it seems to be Blue black. And I've heard that it occurred because of difference in receiving the information of color.

Little did she know that this simple query would ignite an Internet firestorm! As the photo began to circulate across various social media sites, the dress became the center of a worldwide debate. Some firmly believed it was blue and black while others clearly saw it as white and gold. So who was right and why did millions of people see colors that were so far from reality? Read on.



 In order to understand why there was such a disparity in opinion, we first need to learn how the human brain interprets images. In order for us to be able to see, light rays from the object pass through the lens of our eyes and hit the retina situated in the rear of the eyeball. The retina reacts with the different wavelengths and transmits the signals to the brain's visual cortex. It is here that the signals are interpreted and transformed into images that we can comprehend.



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