Ethical Consumption Changes the World

① The Concept and History of Fair Trade





As the globalization and free trade system have become more and more prevalent, the gap and inequality between the rich and poor have deepened drastically. Many multinational companies have maximized their profits by using cheaper raw materials and work forces. Producers in developing countries, on the other hand, have gotten paid unjustly for their products and are suffering from poverty.


In response to such inequality and unjust trading system, fair trade has emerged. This worldwide social movement is aimed at helping producers in developing countries rise from structural poverty through equal trading system whereby producers are justly paid. By taking part in the fair trade movement, consumers contribute to the betterment of producers’ lives and sustainable development. It is obviously an ethical consumption that can change the world.


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"다국어&다문화 지식공유/교류 커뮤니티" 운영 IT NGO




조인어스코리아는 국내 최대 29개 ‘국경 없는 언어문화 지식교류활동가’(JOKOER)를 회원으로 하는 NGO로써,
지식을 통해 세계인과 교류하는 다국어&다문화 지식허브 커뮤니티를 운영하는 순수 비영리 민간외교 단체 입니다.

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