Korean beautiful island, 'Dockdo'

How much do you know about korean island, 'Dockdo'? Last year summer, I have a chance to interview some foreigners in Gyeongbokgung Palace. I asked same question, "What is your opinion about Dockdo?". However, all of them said, "Umm.. What?" or "What is Dockdo? Tock..do?". They don't know about it and also they can't hardly catch what I'm saying." I'm really..really.. surprised that they don't know about it. I believed they will have their own opinions, beacause many articles are about Dockdo. And nowadays, many Japanese said lies of dockdo that it is their territory. But it's originally and correctly, our land. So I thought we must let people know more about Dockdo. Therefore, today I'm gonna tell the truth of our beautiful island, Dockdo.


1. Secret of Dockdo's name

 Dockdo is not an original name. According to the history, Ji-Jeung king had made dockdo belong to Silla, and he said 'Usankuk' instead of dockdo in 512. And then in 1476, It has  three mountain peaks, So they called 'Sambongdo'. Also in 1900, they called 'suckdo' that It is made up of giant stone. And now, actually , we called it 'Dockdo'.  


2. Dockdo's location and its history

In 1964, a common fisherman who built stairs to get some water at dockdo is Choi-jongduk. He is the first inhabitant. So it is became the manned island by virtue of International Oceam Law. But he died when he went to buy some materials for making his house. So dockdo became no manned island again. Thereupon, many people change their home to dockdo. About 2209 people came to live in. That is why now we have an address. It is so proud happen that we got an adress. Its zip code is 799-805 and Original adress is 'Gyeongsangbuk-do Uleung-gun Uleung-eup Dockdo-ri 1~96'.  


3. The most important thing, "Right history"

Can you understand this picture? It made us to be anger and stir up our feelings. It's really really wrong happening that 'apple(steve jobs' company)' made a big mistake. I'm gonna explain about this picture. One person search for dockdo address on the internet. First picture is a google site. It marks dockdo in Korean. However, look at the right side. It is a result that a person search it on one's iphone. It marks in Japanese. Is it.. Is it a right marking? I didn't think it's right. Nowadays the big problem is that Japanese are thinking  dockdo is their territory.

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