Korean students feeling stressful about their grades and exams. 


Yet, there is an essence to Belgium’s English education that gives us reason to reflect on our English education. Korea has always imposed teaching English on children. English was not something that Korean students naturally approached. People always told children that they need to learn English. Even before students knew what English was, they already felt pressured about English. Nobody can blame them for not voluntarily engaging in English conversations or actively participating. Until their last Soo Neung exams, English is a test that they must take, not a language. This hinders students from truly learning the language, and that is perhaps what stops them from speaking English fluently.



It may be difficult for Korea to import Belgium’s cur
riculum that allows students to take charge because Korea has an education system that is much more competitive. Students may not be willing to cooperate or they may feel more comfortable competing individually under strictly set guidelines. Ironically, both Belgium and Korea’s education system has a common goal of trying to educate students to use English more proficiently. The fact of the matter is Belgium is winning.




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