Daniel Armand Lee better known by his stage name Tablo (Hangul: 타블로)


is a Korean rapper,record producer, songwriter and actor


Tablo officially debuted as the leader and rapper for the Korean hip hop group Epik


High under the record label Woollim Entertainment. Since their debut, Tablo has produced


and co-written almost all the songs of Epik High alongside DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin. He


has also produced and been featured in many songs for several other artists. His work


incorporates numerous musical styles, ranging from


hip hop, to electronic music such as trance, trip hop, as well as rock.


Aside from his work with Epik High, he has collaborated with several artists, including group


projects such as Eternal Morning and Anyband. Tablo has also made forays into acting,


appearing in a number television dramas and films such as the fifth season of the


sitcom, Nonstop (2005) and Fantastic Parasuicides (2007). Tablo was also the DJ for his


own radio show, MBC FM4U's Tablo's


Dreaming Radio and main presenter of KBS's Music Bank.\


1980–2003: Early life and career beginnings

Tablo was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 22, 1980. His family relocated several times to

Indonesia, Switzerland and Hong Kong for his father's career until Tablo was six, when his

family returned to his parents' home country. His family again moved to Canada when he

was eight. Tablo attended St. George's Boarding Schoolin Vancouver until his roommate

Nicolas Tse and himself were both expelled for getting into a fight with an older student in

Grade 9. Consequently, Tablo returned to South Korea and spent three years in Seoul

International School. Tablo was a coterminal student at Stanford University.

He simultaneously attained a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and a Master's

Degree in Creative Writing in only three and a half years.


Tablo started to play the piano when he was six, and switched to violin, which he played for

10 years. His music teacher, who is a pupil of Isaac Stern, used to lecture him saying,

"Music is communism, but you're playing democracy." However, he ceased to play violin

as he was dismissed from the orchestra after suddenly playing the soundtrack of Jurassic

Park while the orchestra was playing Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in a concert. In 1999,

whilst he was still in high school, Tablo wrote the lyrics to Kim Gun-mo's song "Rainy

Christmas," as Kim took an interest in Tablo after reading a poem of his.


During his early life, Tablo suffered from bouts of depression, the origins of which are

unknown. According to Tablo, whenever he faced hardship, hip hop music served as an outlet

for him and after his interest was sparked later in life, Tablo decided to make hip hop the

focus of his career. However, Tablo's father disagreed in his career choice and tension

arose in the family. As a result, Tablo frequently ran away from home, but he eventually

accepted his father's wishes and began studying for the Law School Admission Test.

Ostensibly, Tablo then asked a friend to live out his music dream, but that same friend died

of cancer sometime afterwards, thus serving as an impetus for Tablo to re-enter the music

industry at the behest of his dying friend. While he was at Stanford, Tablo associated

with an underground hip hop group, 4n Objectz, for three years.

2003–10: Success with Epik High and Pieces of You

Tablo met Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz in the underground hip-hop scene. They formed Epik

High and under the tutelage of Movement crew members, especially CB Mass (currently

Dynamic Duo), they attempted to record their first record alongside hip-hop duo, and close

friends, TBNY (composed of Yankie and TopBob). However, CB Mass member Curbin

allegedly embezzled Epik High and TBNY's funds for their first studio album, effectivel

y causing the disbandment of CB Mass (and the creation of Dynamic Duo without Curbin).

Tablo and Epik High were finally signed by Woolim Entertainment, which at the time

focused on underground hip hop and modern rock. Tablo made his official debut as the

leader of the group Epik High in 2003 alongside DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin. The group's

first album, Map of the Human Soul was released on October 21, 2003. However, due to hip

hop's lack of popularity in South Korea at the time, the album was a commercial failure.

It wasn't until the release of their second album, High Society that the group started to

become more popular. Epik High's third album, Swan Songs, was originally intended to be

their last album; however, upon release, the album became number one on numerous charts,

and swept the year end hip hop awards. One of the lead singles from the album, "Fly," was

featured on the soundtrack of the video game, FIFA 07. Due to the numerous offers to

remake "Fly" as well as "Paris," the second single from the album,

a CD sampler was released in Japan.

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