Hi Everyone!

It is almost the beginning of Summer Vacation now.

Do you guys have any plans for this summer?

I'm planning to book a nice hotel, enjoying movies and Netflix in my hotel room.

Koreans call this a 'hocance', which is a word composed with two different words: 'hotel' and 'vacation'.

It literally means 'a vacation in a hotel room'.

Today, I want to introduce 8 different hotels that you would like to spend time.

Hope you guys enjoy your hocance!



"다국어&다문화 지식공유/교류 커뮤니티" 운영 IT NGO



조인어스코리아는 국내 최대 20 언어권 ‘국경 없는 언어문화 지식교류활동가’(JOKOER)를 회원으로 하는 NGO로써,
지식을 통해 세계인과 교류하는 다국어&다문화 지식허브 커뮤니티를 운영하는 순수 비영리 민간외교 단체 입니다.

Posted by 다국어 지식나눔 NGO 조인어스코리아

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