[Part X] Learn Job Titles in Korean

Learning new language is a quite challenging from my own experience when you do not have enough time. For me, I use mobile applications on the subway to memorize new words or watch some movies with subtitles which depends on what language I am learning. Also, I usually go to old bookstores to buy Korean children books with pictures which costs between 1000 won to more, and the quality of book is just like the new one. Now let`s see how our next student and teacher`s class going on. 

"My Indian student does not really have much time to study Korean, but still he is trying so hard and now learning how to read and write in Korean. He is really interested in Korean company culture and want to know about it. My student has a goal to master Korean letters and making sentences in three months." - by Lee Gee Korean Teacher

 Book used: 맞춤 한국어 1 
 Lesson: P01~ P68 for three weeks 

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Learn job titles in Korean 


    1. 회장 - President / Chairman /
    2. 사장 - President/ CEO / Boss
    3. 전무 - Executive Director 
    4. 상무 - Managing Director 
    5. 이사 - Director 
    6. 수석부장 - Deparment Head
    7. 부장 - Head Manager
    8. 차장 - Vice Head of Division / Deputy Head of Department 
    9. 과장 - Manager 
    10. 대리 - Assistant Manager
    11. 주임 - Senior Staff / Manager 
    12. 사원 - Regular Staff  
    13. 신입사원 - New Employee 

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