1. [Part II] Tongue Twister Challenge  

  2. "빼빼로 나라에 사는 빼빼 마른 빼빼로가 아몬드 빼빼로 나라에 사는 친구 안 빼빼 마른 빼빼로를 보고 "살 빼!" 하니

    안 빼빼 마른 빼빼로가 빼액빼액 화를 내며 빼빼로 나라로 돌아갔대요"

       Were you able to do the upper Tongue Twister in Korean? It is not one of the hardest tongue twister but even Natives have a problem when they repeatedly read it quickly. The meaning of the sentences has its own short story and it also contains words that are homographs. 
       It translated as "The skinny pepero is living in the country of pepero saw not skinny pepero friend who is living in almond pepero country, and said "lose weight". Not skinny friend pepero got angry, and went back to pepero country". 
      The word "빼" is translated as lose (something) and "빼빼로" is long cookie stick (like chopsticks) with all types of chocolates, nuts or various types of sweets produced by Lotte Confectionery company in South Korea. There is even a holiday in Korea named "Pepero day" which you gave the "빼빼로" to the person you like, cherished or loved ones, and it is more like expressing that you care for them and showing your gratitude on November 11th of each year. The cookie stick comes inside little box that has note on the back side which is used as delivery note or words you wanted to say to the other person. It is holiday similar to combined version of Valentine, Couples and
    Thanksgiving day which you must experience in South Korea. "빼액빼액" is like expression to show to readers which means someone suddenly screaming (sound) when they get angry. 

      If you are interested in more Tongue Twisters, check out below slides and visit our website www.joinusworld.org


    Saeng-gag-i-lan saeng-gag-ha-myeon 
    Saeng-gag-hal-su-log saeng-gag-na-neun geo-si
    Saeng-gag-i-meu-lo saeng-gag-ha-ji anh-neun
    Saeng-gag-i joh-eun-saeng-gag-i-la saeng-gag-han-da

    New words

    생각- thought ; 생각이란- the thought was  

    생각하면- to think ;  생각할수록- the more you think 

    생각나는 -come to mind 

    것이-it is   ;  생각이므로 -I think 

    생각하지 않는 - don`t think 

    좋은생각-good thought 


    Baek-hab baek-hwa-jeom yeop-eh baek-hwa 

    Baek-hwa-jeom ego,

    Baek-hwa baek-hwa-jeom yeop-eh baek-hab

    Baek-hwa-jeom-e edda.

    New words

    백화 - all sorts of flowers 


    백화점-department store 

    옆-next to

    옆-next, side



    Pe-pe-ro na-ra-e sa-neun pe-pe ma-reun 
    Pe-pe-ro-ga a-mon-deu pe-pe-ro na-ra-e 
    Sa-neun chin-gu an pe-pe ma-reun pe-pe-ro-
    -leul bo-go "sal ppae!" ha-ni-kka an pe-pe 
    Ma-reun pe-pe-ro-ga ppae-aeg-ppae-aeg hwa-leul 
    Nae-myeo pepero na-ra-ro do-ra-gat-de-yo

    New words

    빼뺴로- Chocolate dipped cookie snack 

    나라 -country 

    사는 - to live 마른-skinny 

    아몬드-almond 친구- friend 

    살 -fat 빼-lose 화를 내면 -get angry 

    돌아갔대요- went back 

    빼액빼액- 빼액 means suddenly someone screaming (sound)


    Jeong-mal jeong-mal 


    New words

    절망스런 -despair 

    종말 -end 

    정말- really (has a lot of meanings depending on the sentence)


    U-li-jip yeop-jip ap-jip 
    Dwi-chang-sal-eun hot--gyeob-chang-sal-i-go, 
    U-li-jib yeop-jib dwit-jip ap-jib 
    Yeop-chang-sal-eun gyop-hot-chang-sal-i-go.

    New words



    옆-side 앞-front 



    홑겹 - single layered 


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