30 Day Korean Language New Word Challenge

Did you know learning new language is good for your brain activity? Korean language known as one of the hardest language to learn but we are sure you can also master it! Do you have no time to learn Korean? We made slide show that contains a new Korean words that you may like. Try to memorize 1-10 new words each day, and you will know 365-3650 words by the end of the year. Also, we provide Korean classes by group or individually. If you learn with someone or practice with experienced experts, your learning Korean will be twice much quicker than learning alone.



If you are interested, please check our below registration process.


1:1 Korean Private Class : http://j.mp/1on1korean 

Sunday Korean Class :    http://j.mp/jk-korean

Free Korean Level Test:   http://j.mp/jk-kotest3

The Benefits :

 1:1 Korean Private Class

  • Certificated Korean teaching 

  • A Native Speaker

  • A Beginner to Advanced level 

  • Extra flexible time and nearest location

  • Shy? No problem! 

  • More confidence and Attention

  • Saving time in study 

  • Effective and sharpening skills

  • Relaxed and Enjoyable

  • Just come and Enjoy!

Sunday Korean Class  

  • Certificated Korean teaching
  • A Native Speakers 
  • Challenging with others
  • Help out each other
  • Grow and improve together
  • Meet and make positive connections
  • Diverse perspectives 
  • Real life group conversations
  • More Competitive
  • Each level divided 


E-mail: joinus@joinuskorea.org

Kakao ID: joinuskorea

Facebook: m.me/joinuskorea

Whatsapp: wa.me/827078395200



"다국어&다문화 지식공유/교류 커뮤니티" 운영 IT NGO



조인어스코리아는 국내 최대 29개 ‘국경 없는 언어문화 지식교류활동가’(JOKOER)를 회원으로 하는 NGO로써,
지식을 통해 세계인과 교류하는 다국어&다문화 지식허브 커뮤니티를 운영하는 순수 비영리 민간외교 단체 입니다.

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