Daily Vocabulary:

 How to describe appearance in Korean

How can you describe your hair style or shape of the face?

Do you know how to properly translate the "long straight hair" in Korean?

 We learned those and more in today's Korean Class!

(Seogang Korean p.80-85)

  There are very interesting and unique expressions when it comes to describe the appearance in Korea. Since the words used in describing appearance are not much intuitive, my student Marty and I tried to get to know about the specific vocabularies used in each description. For example, the expression "straight hair" is translated into its own unique word, "생머리". One another unique expression in Korea is "스포츠머리(sport hair)", which means crew cut or very short hair of the men. Beside these, we learned how to describe the shape of the face like 갸름한 얼굴(thin face), 둥글한 얼굴(round face), and so on.

 After learning the appearance description, we additionally practiced more of using:

"~다": Exclamation for myself
ex. That was tasty 맛있다, That was high 높다

"~겠다": Exclamation for someone else/thing
ex. It looks tasty 맛있겠다, You must be angry 너 화났겠다

and other daily vocabs like 진하다(strong)/연하다(weak).

It was bit tough differentiating synonyms, but did well done!

-Based on the log by Korean Teacher, Lee

Here we have more!

① Sunday class (at our office) --> beginners/ elementary only: http://j.mp/jk-korean

② 1:1 class (any time/place/any level preferred): http://j.mp/1to1korean

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