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  2. 2013.07.11 USER GUIDE (English)

Any questions about Korea?

JOINUS KOREA (or JOINUS FOUNDATION) is pleased to let you know the launch of a brand new website called “JOINUSWORLD” for interpersonal knowledge exchange community. 

We are a NGO(Non governmental Organization) for private diplomacy based in Seoul which runs the above website by help of nationwide 29 different language volunteers.

The website is a multilingual knowledge exchange platform for both foreigners and Koreans to exchange questions and answers and other useful information in each language.

The web address is (www.joinusworld.org /short url: www.jow.so)

If you need any personal or particular information and have questions about Korea, just visit JOINUS WORLD!

And if any language talented friend around you, please let them know the website !

Let’s benefit the world through knowledge sharing & exchange !




"다국어&다문화 지식공유/교류 커뮤니티" 운영 IT NGO




조인어스코리아는 국내 최대 29개 ‘국경 없는 언어문화 지식교류활동가’(JOKOER)를 회원으로 하는 NGO로써,
지식을 통해 세계인과 교류하는 다국어&다문화 지식허브 커뮤니티를 운영하는 순수 비영리 민간외교 단체 입니다.

Posted by 다국어 지식나눔 NGO 조인어스코리아

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1. Dashboard

It displays the concentrated information about the user.

 : Question and Answer board

 : Community board

 : Ranking board

  • Reputation: Your reputation score. It has three different sections such as activity, popularity, and confidence score.

      • Activity: Show your activity score. Activity is increased by inquiry of writing, recommendation, or reporting.

      • Popularity: Show your Popularity score. How many people like your posting. It is scored with recommendation, reporting, or bookmarks by others. 

      • Confidence: Show your Confidence score. When your activity to give knowledge is adopted, you gain (+). In contrast, when your post  is blocked or reported as spam by others, you lose points.

  • Notification: List of somebody else's comments, answers or replies, votes, etc to your writing
  • Bookmark: History of your bookmark writing


 : When you type the key word or author's name in the search box and click the icon, you can find the information  from various post

2. Profile

  •  It shows your personal information. Also you can see the information about your posting.

<Account setting >

  • Setting Language

-Primary Language: Setting UI language

-Available Language: Second language that you can use is shown on your bulletin board.

<Notification Setting>

  • Notification setting: You can receive the notification on answer, comment, or vote,etc on your post. 

3. Q&A

Select Language : You can select the language in the 30 languages,and you can read only that language writing.

Sorting tab

    • No answer: Most voted unanswered posts within the period.

    • Vote: Most voted posts within the period.

    • Newest: latest within the period.

  • The Function of Language Filtering: You can choose maximum 5 languages, then only selected languages will be shown.

    To change permanently, you can set in account setting.

  • Select the written language: You can select the written language when posting an article.

  • Tag: input the tag that is related to your writing. You can divide each different tag as pressing enter key.

  •  Language confirmation window after you finish the writing 

<Writing Comment >











The setting is an attached header when you write comment on the question post.

    • No select

    • Question Clarification

    • Additional Question

: Adopt the best answer about the question. When you click one more time, your selection is cancelled.

    : When you click the icon, you can recommend it.

4. Community

  • Share the various information

    • News & Talk: share news, issues, or information

    • Used articles market: sell and buy used articles

    • Find friends & Language Exchange: make a new friends and exchange various language

    • Housing: share the information about house rental, lodging, or marketing

    • Job: share the information about job

    • Business lounge: advertise about foreign service 

    • Site improvement: please tell us something improvement 

  • This picture is community response page.

   : Pros and cons of the answer can be displayed

5. Ranking Page

  • People: Activity history of members is shown in the order of day, week, and month. 

  • Best question/ Best answer: The most recommendations of question and answer in Q&A page is shown in order.

  • Best post/ Best reply: The most recommendations of question and answer in community page is shown in order.

  • Rise: It shows points increasing about reputation history

6. Footer

  • About us 

  • Contributor 

  • Terms of service

  • Inquiry & Feedback: The question and feedback about JOINUS WORLD  

"외국인을 위한 다국어&다문화 지식공유/교류 커뮤니티" 




Posted by 다국어 지식나눔 NGO 조인어스코리아

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