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A Step Forward to China

Gaeun Lee


Temple of Heaven (source: http://cnto.org.in/)

How much do you know about China? 

China, one of our neighborhood countries, is the country with the largest population in the world. Chinese unique culture has lasted for a long time. Their traditional costume, chipao(or qipao, 旗袍), delicious mooncake and dimsum are good examples that show Chinese culture.


Chipao (source: http://cafe.naver.com/yichengpark/)

The picture above is a Chinese traditional dress, chipao. Chipao is originated from Manju women’s dress during Qing(淸) dynasty. Chipao, with snug fit, has a special skirt. It has a wide side to emphasize femininity. The length of skirt and sleeves is various, so that it can match with all body types. 


Moon Cake (source: http://blog.naver.com/qustkdn/50120721581)

This pie with moon shape is the moon cake. Chinese people eat this on their thanksgiving day. They put bean paste or fruit inside the flour dough, and it’s very sweet. 


Dimsum (source: http://cafe.naver.com/qingdao2/24562)

You might have seen this before. It’s dimsum, one of the most famous foods in China. It looks similar to dumpling, but we can put more various ingredients in it. Dimsum is really popular and delicious, so if you have not tried it yet, it’ll be nice to try it!

As you can see, Chinese unique culture and tradition have a long history, and also well-known to people over the world. But they have one more thing that is widespread over the world. That is their language, Chinese. 

People say that language is the best invention that human has made. What is amazing is that Chinese is the language which the most people use over the world. Chinese, which over 1.3 billion people use, is getting more popular as China’s influence to global village grows. We can easily feel its popularity from students learning Chinese as their third language. 


Shell and bone Character (source: http://zeus_top3.blog.me/60201321910)

Then, how was Chinese created? Chinese characters came from the ‘shell-and-bone character’, the word that is written on turtle’s back. In Chinese, there are several parts that are similar to Korean, so you can learn Chinese much easier. Why don’t you start to learn Chinese? 



Forbidden City (source: http://www.beijing-forbiddencity.com/)

Finally, I’ll show you some iconic places of China. Have you ever heard about the ‘Forbidden City’? It’s a palace that was built in 1407, to represent king’s dignity. The name of the palace means no one can go into it without king’s permission. We can guess how strong the king’s power was. 

The picture below is the world-famous structure, ‘The Great Wall’. It was built to protect the Chinese Empire against intrusions. Chinese say ‘To set foot on the Great Wall is to set foot on history’. It shows their pride to the Earth’s most recognizable man-made structure. 


The Great Wall (source: 네이버 백과사전)

 Today I briefly introduced China. It was a great experience for me to know Chinese unique culture. Next time, I would like to show you several cities and their histories in China.

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