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  1. 2019.10.07 [Korean Class] Hangeul Day, 10월 9일 한글날

10월 9일 한글날

 Hangeul is one of the few letters used by mankind that has been clearly identified

by its creator and its year of creation.

 Hangeul is also regarded as the world's best writing system in that

its founding spirit lies in "self-reliance, affection and practicality."
Along with this spirit of creativity, he is also excellent in originality and science of the principles of making graphemes.

 The characteristics of Hangeul have led to official recognition by international organizations. UNESCO (UNESCO) annually awards "King Sejong Literacy Prize" to people who are known around the world to fight illiteracy.

 The name of the statue originated from King Sejong, which was created by King Sejong. because the world recognized that it is the easiest to learn and good writing to eliminate illiteracy.

Today, let's take some time to study the excellence of Hangul and King Sejong!



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