Hello everyone!

Today we're back with a new series ๐Ÿ˜‰

Through โ–ถJOINUS WORLD Facts About...โ—€ series, we're going to give you short but important piece of information from our own platform JOINUS WORLD. We have our very unique volunteer members with special knowledge waiting to answer your questions about Korea, so please go check out our website!

This series will tell you about the most frequently asked questions on our website so please stay tuned for our future episodes!

The first episode is about the โœจKorean Age systemโœจ

Have you ever wondered why Koreans count age differently from foreigners? Here's our answer to your question๐Ÿ’™ 






 "๋‹ค๊ตญ์–ด&๋‹ค๋ฌธํ™” ์ง€์‹๊ณต์œ /๊ต๋ฅ˜ ์ปค๋ฎค๋‹ˆํ‹ฐ" ์šด์˜ IT NGO


JOINUS KOREA is the biggest NGO in Korea which has 20 linguistic spheres members called 'Language Culture Knowledge Exchange Activists without Borders' (JOKOER). It is a purely non-profit private diplomacy organization that operates a Multilingual & Multicultural knowledge hub community that interacts with people all around the world through the knowledge. 

Posted by ๋‹ค๊ตญ์–ด ์ง€์‹๋‚˜๋ˆ” NGO ์กฐ์ธ์–ด์Šค์ฝ”๋ฆฌ์•„

๋Œ“๊ธ€์„ ๋‹ฌ์•„ ์ฃผ์„ธ์š”