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: Conjugating Korean Verbs

 I believe most of Korean learner will agree that the verb conjugation is one of the most difficult parts when mastering Korean Language. However, once you learn the simple pattern of it, that is not a problem at all! Here we JOINUS KOREA want to share a bit of our 1 on 1 Korean class, since our teacher Cho and Canadian student Rineet have talked about the 'verb conjugation' just in time.

△Rineet's hard working handwriting & Teacher Cho's self made class material!

 To take the verb "가다(go)" for an example, it conjugates like this:

가(stem) + -다 / -자 / -요 / -ㅂ시다 / -시지요 ... (ending)

<4 different versions of "Let's go">

  • 가- + 자: Let's go(informal)

  • 가- + 요: Let's go(informal, but polite)

  • 가- + ㅂ시다: Let's go(formal)

  • 가- +시지요: Let's go(formal, super polite)

(We don't usually use this expression. You might have heard these kind of super polite expression in the K-historical drama.)

 Since Korea have polite words, so many conjugation on verb happens. However, you do not have to take it too seriously. Rather memorizing all of the rules, expose yourself to Korean through drama or your daily life, and practice through speaking. Remember it is only a language. After practicing, one day you will find yourself improved for sure.

 The best way to improve your language is challenging yourself by conversation with natives. Talk with your Korean friends around you, and if you don't have any network, JOINUS KOREA can help you. Find yourself speaking better Korean Language with us! Our Korean teachers and students are waiting for you.

 We always hope for your better life/trip in Korea!

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