Opening of an International Knowledge Exchange Community for Foreigners

"Reinforcing the utility of foreigners by furnishing a multi-language filtering function" ("Foreign user-friendly by furnishing a multi-language filtering feature")





 The unprecedented knowledge exchange community web site featuring multi culture and multi-language will open in Korea.


JOINUS KOREA (Permanent Board Director: Yong-Seok, Seo) announced its plan to launch 'JOINUS WORLD' ( on May 20th, the 'Day of Citizen of the World.' JOINUS WORLD is an online community for foreigners to exchange their multi-cultural and multi lingual knowledge. NGO JOINUS KOREA along with Creative Commons Korea has been designated as a knowledge sharing organization by the "ordinance of sharing promotion" last April.  (currently available at


'JOINUS WORLD' will introduce a wide range of information on Korea on a basis of region/language/issue to people of various nationality and language who are inexperienced with using Korean. The website will be operated in 29 different languages in virtue of volunteers from JOINUS KOREA sharing their talents.


 A distinguished feature about this web site is that it supports a diverse interface so that foreigners can approach the web site easily. Moreover, it has an unique function called "multi-language filtering" which reflects user's mother language and filters out his or her second language (or usable language). Furthermore, JOINUS WORLD adopts a multilateral evaluation system based on activity, popularity and reliability facets. The system will ensure the credibility and transparency of each individual member and is designed to elicit collective intelligence and cooperation among members. Besides, the instant feedbacks from facebook and twitter will allow more efficient exchange of knowledge.


 Yoon Hye, Lee, (the secretary-general), mentioned that due to an advanced global network, the prospects of future communication is reaching beyond the boundaries of nations. Ms. Lee expects to see 'JOINUS WORLD' playing diverse roles by accelerating the non-governmental diplomacy using public's knowledge.


 On the contrary, Ms. Lee announced that she plans to lay the foundation of primary knowledge exchange between the local and the foreigners through the work of JOINUS KOREA's volunteers. Moreover, in order to encourage quality knowledge exchange, JOINUS KOREA will issue a volunteer certification based on their performances, offer a number of benefits and strengthen the network with experts from local foreigners associated organizations, labor, accounting and medical services etc.

 Lastly, she pointed out that Korea's representative portal sites such as Naver and Daum retain broad local users yet they lack appeals to foreigners due to their language barriers. Hence, Ms. Lee hopes that JOINUS World will promote the public awareness concerning the accessibility of foreigners to Korean web sites as our society is becoming more multi-cultural.









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