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What is December in Korean? Do you know how to say seasons in Korean? Did you know Korean people use two difference number counting systems? There is Native Korean and Sino-Korean number system. For the month naming, South Korea uses Sino-Korean number system like 일,이,삼,사 and etc,.  



Vocabulary & Pronunciation


The four seasons are called:


여름 - Summer 

가을 - Autumn 

겨울 - Winter 

봄 - Spring




일월 [il-wol] - January 

이월 [i-wol] - February 

삼월 [sam-wol] - March 

사월 [sa-wol] - April 

오월 [o-wol] - May 

유월 [yu-wol] - June


칠월 [chil-wol] - July

팔월 [pal-wol] - August 

구월 [gu-wol] - September 

시월 [si-wol] - October 

십일월 [sib-il-wol] - November

십이월 [sib-i-wol] - December 





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