“I will be a fashion designer who links the Kazakhstani and Korean culture.”

Meruert is from Kazakhstan and a grad school student studying fashion design in one of Korean universities. She had made a constant effort and was able to come to Korea for studying Clothing and Business Management. Now, she wants to achieve a goal that creating a fashion brand combining the Kazakhstani and Korean culture.

Miss Meruert, she’s studying Clothing in  one of Korean universities.

Meruert, Please introduce yourself briefly.

“Hi. I’m Mika and I’m from Kazakhstan. My home town is around Chundeuja, Almaty which is near the border with China. It has been for 6 years here in Korea. I went to the Baejae University and studied Business Management. And then I had an interest in Clothing area so I chose to study Clothing in grad school.  Now, there is only one semester left. I am doing my best to be a qualified and excellent graduate.

Why did you decied to come to Korea and what was your first impression of Korea?

I always wanted to study more in a college or graduate school in Korea. So after I graduated from a technological university in Almaty, I won a scholarship from the Almaty Korean Training institute, paticipated a lot of activities and studied Korean really hard. While I was studying Korean, one of my directors tried getting me a job but, I wanted to study in Korea so I just focus on academic pursuit. And later I was able to grab an opportunity and study in the Baejae University.

Firstly, when I came to Korea, I was kind of scary because I don’t know anyone else in Korea but I was happy that I can study in Korea at the same time. Actually, the most impressive thing during my first semester in Korea was the MT culture. Hahaha. I thought it is a good chance to get to know my classmates.

I have dreamed to live as Korean before I even came to Korea. From the time when I studied in the Training Institute in Almaty, I swore to live in Korea in 10 years to myself and tried hard. I am living in Korea earlier than I expected but, I realized that I can achieve everything if I have something to live for

Many of your postings in SNS is about cosmetics. What is your favorite Korean cosmetic product?

When I was a student in Kazakhstan, I wasn’t that interested in cosmetics like now.  I am being into them after coming to Korea and now I become “Cofa”, a Cosmetic fan. These days, I am so curious and want to know what the brand new cosmetics is different from the old ones whenever I came acorss brand new cosmetics. My favorite is eyebrow, tint, eye shadow, and basic skin care products. I am just getting the hang of make-up yet. I’d like to share my beauty hacks and knowledge about cosmetics through my beauty channel later.

Then, what do you think about fashion area? it is your major, right?

I believe Korean fashion culture is well developed. Most of people on the street seem to care how they dress and what they look like. Moreover, the stable Korean fashion companies and newly launched ones are making Korean fashion more diverse. Especially, I’m amazed everytime I see a lot of fashionistas during the Hera Seoul Fashion Week which is held twice a year.

Can you tell me about Kazakhstan where you lived?

Kazakhstan is a multiracial nation having around 130 nationalities. It’s located in the middle of Central Asia. Most part is included in Asia and the rest in Europe. Kazakhstan has the Caspian Sea, the Volga and Ural region, Siberia, China and Central Asia round it. Our official languages are Russian and Kazakh.

Can you explain what people have to prepare before coming to Korea and the cost?

If you want to go to Korea, it is a necessity to speak Korean or English. And, if you want to go to one of Korean schools, then you have to submit the Korean Language Proficiency Test(TOPIK) or TOEFL. In my case, I applied for the TOPIK and submitted my certificate. When it comes to the cost, I got full tuition scholarship and 200,000 KRW for living expenses.

Meruert is smiling at the camera.

What is your special Korean studying methods?

Well, there is nothing special. I think attention and effort are the most important factors. I was enormously interested in Korean so I’m able to learn it quickly. I wanted  to keep studying Korean and felt great craving for speaking Korean. When I started to study Korean, I studyed late like 3 or 4 in the morning. But, taking classes in Korean was quite difficult. I have to hand in my assignments on the same level as my classmates. And, words are pronounced differently by professors so it was hard to understand.  However, I never gave up. I recorded the lecture and listen to it again and again. You can master Korean if you have the willingness to tolerate difficulties without giving up.

What is the most difficult part for foreigners living in Korea?

I think food, especially getting used to spicy food can be the most difficult one. It took me 3 months to be used to eating spicy food. Other than that, I only can eat bland ramen, kimbab and bread. And, now I have no problem with spicy food. I even find out something is missing if my food has no spiciness.

Meruert is looking at the flower.

What is your first impression about JoinusWorld? Is there anything we can improve?

I beileve JoinusWorld is definitely helpful for foreign people. Back then, when I was studying Korean there wasn’t this type of website but, now people can be helped by it. You can also let them know what is going on in Korea right now such as big events like cherry blossom festivals for foreign people visiting Korea. Plus, it would be really useful to add the information about visa.   

Meruert posed as a member of the Joinus Korea group..

What would you like to achieve before leaving Korea?

I want to fit in this country and after graduation I want to be part of society. I hope work in Korea with my knowledge about business management and clothing. One of my goals is presenting my own brand  having both Korean and Kazakhstani culture at Hera Seoul Fashion Week. I will be constantly striving for mutual development of Korean and Kazakhstani fashion industy.


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